Here’s What Search Engines Do For Your Website

Businesspeople are no stranger to hearing SEO. One of these internet marketing techniques has become a mainstay for those who are pioneering his efforts to be known more people. For that, now many cheap SEO services to choose from, although you still have to be careful with the quality provided. One of the things you can use to create SEO is by using Jasa SEO Jakarta. With the right SEO and quality, traffic on your website will be very high and can work very well.
SEO that you use definitely affect search engines in running their work.

So how exactly do search engines work for your website? There are several things that search engines do, like

1. Crawling, this is the process of retrieval done by search engines against all websites linked to the website.

2. Processing, when get search queries, search engines will compare the search string in the search query with a page indexed by the database.

3. Calculating Relevancy, it will be possible that there is more than one page with a search string, so search engines will calculate the relevance of each page in the index for the search string.