Things to Do After Plastic Surgery

Doing plastic surgery is definitely not a trivial decision. What are the obligations to do and avoid after plastic surgery? Find out in Top Area Plastic Surgeon article this time.

Prevent infection. Wound care is the most important to prevent the possibility of infection. Diligently take antibiotics from your doctor and do not forget to wash your wounds. Wound washing can be done alone or in the clinic where you are operating.

Mobilization. After the operation. You must stay active. Because if you stay silent or continue to sleep, it is feared there could be blood clots. Activity is recommended, but that does not mean you then return to the gym actively the next day. If you want to move heavy-heavy, at least wait until three weeks later if you do not want your injuries open again.

Especially for surgery in the same place, do not do it again if not past six months. Each surgery causes injury and the process of softening the connective tissue around the wound certainly takes time, usually up to six months. Then though you want to re-operated in different places but you have just surgery with general anesthesia, it’s good wait up to three months.