Increase Child EQ by Playing foam building blocks

Play foam building blocks for children is not only an interesting and fun game. Substrate games can also increase emotional intelligence in children. In the game foam building blocks, there are various shapes, such as circles, triangles, rectangles, accompanied by a variety of attractive colors.

At the age of toddlers are usually children have not been able to create buildings that are colored because at this time the children are experiencing the development of sensors and their motor.

This game has great benefits on the development of children’s intelligence, so it is recommended that this game is given since early childhood. Benefits gained through this stacking game are:

– Improve motor skills in children
– Learn to group objects by shape and color on them
– Stimulate creativity and imagination in children
– Introduce to the children the basic concepts of mathematics
– Train the initiative in children

In giving this game should be done gradually, if the child is still a toddler then the beams given are not complicated beams because the fine motor is still in the development stage. For babies should be given the blocks made of foam so it is safer.