Unique Facts of Limousine Cars!

Limousine or Limousine can also be abbreviated Limo alone is identical with a luxury sedan with a longer size than a standard sedan. A limo is also familiar with rich people and government agencies. But do not be discouraged if you cannot try to go with a limousine because now you can easily rent it at the Limousine Service Los Angeles and be ready to take you to an event. Well before renting it, it would be better if you know the unique fact about the limousine. Here’s the review!

1. The first limousine
The first limousine car was in production in 1902

2. The origin of the word Limousine
The origin of the word Limousine comes from the name of a region in France, namely Limousine

3. Long sedan car
Limousine always shaped car sedan, it’s just longer.

4. There is glue between the driver and the passenger
Limousine cars always have a partition between the driver and the passenger, so long it takes the phone line to communicate with the driver

5. Limousine driver identical in uniform
A limousine driver always dressed up in a uniform.