Benefits of Warming Up Before Exercise

Performance of sport to the maximum
Warming up before doing a lacrosse sports will maximasize your activities result. In addition, to maximize it you must also use the best lacrosse sticks for youth to support your activities while playing lacrosse

Makes the soul more excited
Warming up also has psychological benefits, which make you exercise with better mental condition and focus. Heating makes physical and also calmer minds so that bad feelings or moods become less.

The Mental is better prepared
Physical needs to be well prepared for heavy activities, as well as mental. Mental conditions that are not ready to result in stress in the body that will produce hormones that weaken the immune system, so you become vulnerable to injury while doing core exercise.

The body is more flexible and elastic
Warm up before exercise helps the body and muscles to become more flexible and elastic. This is very important to prevent the risk of muscle cramps or other problems. In addition, exercise can be done more optimally. Self-heating can increase 13% metabolism in the body.